Machine Learning

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This course presents concepts and techniques in modern data science. The course is geared towards understanding at a technical level, the theory behind commonly used machine learning techniques, with practical considerations for model development, selection, evaluation, data exploration and feature engineering. The course examines the use of machine learning in business, how to effectively operate in a data science environment, and work through technical and business considerations for model deployment.

Course Author: Alik Sokolov

Who should take this course?
You aspire to become a better practitioner or consumer of machine learning. This course will be useful both for beginners looking for a deep introduction to the field, or intermediate level professionals who wish to improve their practical skills in machine learning.

What’s the minimum skill level necessary?
A Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Finance, or Mathematics. Intermediate-level competency in mathematics and Excel. Basic fluency in Python is helpful but not required.

How long do I have to complete this course?
You will have access to course content for 365 days from enrollment date and can choose to complete the course at any time during this period.

English, Chinese (Simplified)


Audio-Visual Content and Duration:

  • The time that it takes to complete the course will be determined by your desired pace. It’s estimated that you will spend a total of 7 hours to complete the course.
  • The total viewing time of lesson presentations is approximately 2 hours;  individual lesson topics are between 5-10 minutes each, presented as audio-visual content.
  • The time needed to complete each exercise presented is between 10-20 minutes, based on your level of engagement.
  • The final exam is allocated 1.5 hours.
  • Completion of the course assignment (offline) is expected to take 2-3 hours.

Audio narration provided by Optimal MRM
Subtitles: English, Chinese (Simplified)

Downloadable Content:

  • The exercises presented in lessons are provided in a downloadable Excel spreadsheet. This will enable you to practice the exercises, side-by-side with the lesson presentations.


  • A final exam is administered online and is comprised of questions in the form of true/false, multiple choice, sorting choice, and fill in the blank.

Total Score:

  • A personalized certificate signed by Professor Luis Seco will be issued to you with a minimum exam score of 70%.



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