The MMF e-Learning Team

Professor Luis Seco - MMF Director

Luis Seco

Luis Seco is the Director of the MMF Program and Professor of Mathematics at the University of Toronto. Luis is President and CEO of Sigma Analysis and Management, and is the director of RiskLab, an international research partnership of Universities and companies. Luis holds a Ph.D. from Princeton University.
Josie Valotta - MMF administrator

Josie Valotta

Josie Valotta is the Program Coordinator for the University of Toronto's MMF program.
Tracy Barber - MMF staff

Tracy Barber

Tracy Barber is focused on helping students and alumni of the University of Toronto's MMF program find internships and full-time jobs. Prior to joining the MMF team, Tracy was a Partnerships and Development Officer at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences.
Michael Wood - MMF staff

Michael Wood

Michael provides multimedia development services to Optimal MRM. Michael has a over a decade of experience providing creative, research, and project-planning expertise in a variety of progressive industries including renewable energy, library science, and museum exhibition design.
Greg Hajjar - Optimal MRM

Greg Hajjar

Greg Hajjar is the founder of Optimal MRM Advisors Inc., a company that develops e-Learning capabilities and content. Greg has over 25 years of experience in senior positions in capital markets and risk management in financial organizations in Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Course Authors

Naveen Kalia - MMF course author

Naveen Kalia

Naveen Kalia has built and managed trading operations in London, Singapore and New York. Naveen has 15 years of experience in senior positions at several top banks and asset managers, a Master's degree in Mathematics from the University of Toronto, and is a CFA. Naveen is responsible for Treasury Modelling and Hedging at TD Bank.
Alik Sokolov - MMF course author

Alik Sokolov

Alik Sokolov has led machine learning development in Deloitte Canada’s AI Practice. Alik leads machine learning research projects at RiskLab. Alik has an HBSc degree in Financial Mathematics and a Master's degree in Mathematics from the University of Toronto, and is a CFA.
Eiffel Sun - MMF course author

Eiffel Sun

Eiffel Sun is Head of Data Analytics & Business Intelligence at MCS Analytics Consulting. Eiffel is a leader in data consulting with expertise in pricing, risk modeling, big data, machine learning, treasury strategy, database development and cloud architecture. Eiffel is a graduate of the MMF program.

Service Providers

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